The Environmental Impact of Light-pollution

Applications: Municipal management, Energy saving, Management of biodiversity effects, Energy efficiency

Benefits: Detailed maps, Ease biodiversity monitoring, Map updating, Quick interpretation

USERS: Local Governments, Auditing Companies, Agencies of Control, Environment and Houses Departments

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The increase in the use of exterior lighting during nightime has produced undesirable side effects known as “light pollution”. The artificial night lighting can have adverse effects on wildlife as well as to humans. Light signal at wrong biological time can interfere with the normal behavior of both plants and animals.

Visibird experts help to detect the range of light pollution and type, measurement and modeling methods used with light pollution and produce pollution maps. These maps are an important policy instrument for cities and local municipalities with regard to locate excessive or inefficient lighting and to calculate potential energy saving, pinpoint overexposed areas by both private and public lighting elements.

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