The Detection Of Greenhouse Gases

Applications: Guide reductions in gas emissions, Air Pollution Modeling, Property tax assessment, Automated traffic tracking systems

Benefits: Quick detection, Map updating, Clear visual results, Continuous tracking

USERS: Local Governments, Auditing Companies, Agencies of Control and Air Quality, Environment and Houses Departments

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Climate change will have a substantial impact on ecosystems and on human activities. Greenhouse gases exist naturally; many researchers theorize that human activity has dramatically increased the amount found in the atmosphere. Our main objective is to detect suspicious evolution of greenhouse gases in order to decrease the contribution of global warming. Some of them are carbon dioxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), nitrous oxides and ozone.

Visibird is able to offer a service to analyze remote sensing imagines to engage in a radiating heat activity and an activity that measures temperature in models with and without greenhouse gases to understand its effect on temperature and on human life track, trace suspicious gases in the atmosphere and produce evolution maps. These maps could be an important policy instrument for cities and local municipalities with regards to environment protection by helping  to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and health safety by locating high pollution areas, which may lead to increased health hazard.

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