From Space We Started
8 years empowering our users with new capabilities, by allowing easy access of complex data to provide the best tools, generating novel business functions tailored to their needs
Our mission
Addressing global sustainability issues and creat a data on which to build innovative solutions to ensure societal and organisational resiliency across the globe
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What We DO

We task ourselves with capturing and assisting with Earth observation for managing the world in fields such as land cover, environmental issues, the management of natural resources, precision farming, and the sustainable quality of urban life, among others. We have developed products and operational procedures specifically tailored to meet soil economic and environmental conservation needs.

Planet Imagery

We empower you with access to one of the world's premier networks of satellite data providers, offering a vast array of imagery products at competitive prices for your specific needs.

Monitoring Programs

We deliver comprehensive, accurate, repeatable and timely global information that is crucial for effectively planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating development assistance activities.

Geospatial Analysis

We leverage the most advanced analytical methods and algorithms to provide insights and answers to complex geographic questions through comprehensive map data analysis.

Machine Learning and AI

We assist in using machine learning to uncover key insights from satellite imagery, solving complex global issues, and providing decision-makers with information to make strategic resource allocation decisions.

Our Industry Solutions

We drive operational improvements, enhance business strategy, negotiate market challenges, and revitalize customer experience with our industry solutions.

Land Administration and Mapping

Supporting decision-making with up-to-date spatial information about land development and urban areas.

Environment & Conservation

Easiest way to monitor natural resources and save our planet for future generations.

Energy & Resources

Monitor your infrastructure to improve efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate risks.


Helping agricultural enterprises make better decisions through crop monitoring and agricultural management.

Disaster & Humanitarian

Reliable and rapid information for risk assessment and effective decision-making.

Mining & Exploration

Maximize resources and refine mining operations with the fastest turnaround and accurate data.


Provide a basis to facilitate competent maritime Public Authorities operations in a more efficient and effective way.

E- Sensing

We offer a wide range of activities in the field of Earth Observation education, training and capacity building.

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