Explore and understand your world. Augmented Reality brings huge and attractive potential within our reach in a way never seen before, simply “See more”. VisiAR is the perfect entry point even for non-technical people to learn about augmented reality and combines the real world with additional virtual information, making it more attractive and magnificent.


Augmented reality (AR) offers a new approach to exploration and learning by blending real-world conditions with digital data. While clearly suited to encourage play and to entertain, AR also has appeal to marketers wishing to engage with consumers. These same elements can engage learners in their quest for insights and experiences.

With augmented reality, VisiAR.Atlas is adding a new dimension and bring to life world maps. With Augmented Reality, a 3D model can be accessed directly. The Computer, tablet and Smartphone such as an iPhone or Android are able to detect the appropriate page of the textbook and therefore calls directly from the appropriate digital model. Right now, Interacting with the 3D model is no longer made ​​with the mouse, but directly with the book.


Augmented reality (AR) can open your eyes to what’s around you. The technology allows combining seamlessly physical world and virtual information. It helps to find places and sights that may otherwise be tricky and it gives users a new route into accessing travel information.

Visibird offers an augmented reality city guide for smart devices (tablet and Smartphone such as an iOs or Android). This tourist guide is built to be used offline with no connection to Internet required and no extra charges in phone bill. The VisiAR.Tourism is made based on travelers advices to give users a fancy and practical tool to make them visit a more enjoyable one.


Augmented reality is new technology that melds real-life views with overlaid digital information as tags delivering a sensory experience that feels real. Augmented reality is not only practical, but also opens up a whole new world around the traveler. It makes a great companion that helps find additional information about places and attractions that one might otherwise miss.

VisiAR.GuiBook helps you superimpose the digital world on the real world. You can live the experience of watching and exploring the city through your guide book where we add a layer of information into life, so you’ll know if they are worth the effort.