• Applications

    • Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
    • Fish Assessments development
    • Water Quality analysis
    • Protecting Shorebirds and Benthos
    • Atmospheric Gas Regulation
    • Recreation & Tourism impact


    • Reduced Field work
    • Clear visual results
    • Detailed information

Estuaries are among the natural areas the most biologically productive ecosystems on the planet. These ecosystems act as filters for terrestrial pollutants and provide protection from flooding. A lot of people visit the  estuaries as a tourist destination needing management and guiding. Image interpretation from remote sensing together with in-situ data and the analysis of the diverse spectral information on visible, near infrared and thermal bands allow us to create a land use map of these fragile ecosystems and to create a classification of the different types of habitats and ecological areas of importance.

Visibird provides a valuable instrument for monitoring estuaries and areas of ecological importance , being able to identify areas of great ecological value for conservation as well as being able to determine areas more suitable for new developments.

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