• Applications

    • Environmental management
    • Energetic engineering
    • Energy saving
    • Accident detection and prevention
    • Architecture efficiency


    • Quick defect detection
    • Easy map reading
    • Reduce field works
    • Accident quick reaction

Aerial thermography services help to monitor heating networks and its efficiency. By means of aerial thermography, thermal sensor detects a network by the differences in temperature and can determine the exact location of the network from the georeferenced thermatic (thermal/thematic) maps.

Visibird provides innovative technique using thermatic maps to monitor facilities heat systems like supply steam and condensate return lines, hot water lines, chilled water lines, supply water mains, distribution piping, storm water drains and sewer lines so that those charged with the task, can manage the assets better. As a result of finding and repairing leaks in those systems, energy usage can be reduced with all the related benefits.

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